Eco-friendly drainage systems

Proper working drainage systems are an essential component of any new build or existing property, which is why the experienced team at Stone Construction Ltd based in Derby specialises in supplying and installing foul sewers, storm drains and septic systems. We are proud to have worked with leading companies like British Waterways and we are one of the few businesses around that provides attenuation tank supply and installation. This eco-friendly overflow system quickly channels and collects excess surface water and reduces energy wastage.



Drainage services

With over 20 years of experience, the professional team at Stone Construction Ltd based in Derby offers a complete range of expert drainage services, from shallow house drainage to deep drainage including:

• Foul drainage
• Surface water drainage
• Culverts
• Storm water holding tanks
• Land drainage
• Grey water recycling systems
• Septic tanks
• Flow control chambers
• Petrol interceptors




Deep drainage specialists

Underground water infiltrations can destabilise the supporting underlay of your roadbed, which often leads to cracks appearing on buildings and roads. Instead of wasting time and money on constant patching and repairs, Stone Construction Ltd has an expert team of civil engineers and construction specialists that can install a deep drainage system, thus solving the problem for good. These pipes will collect and carry away underground water, strengthening your roadbed and greatly reducing the risk cracks in the road and other building surfaces.


Specialising in car parks, roadways, and concrete works for over 20 years

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